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In 1924, Frank Germack Sr. and his brother John Germack arrived in the United States. Soon after setting foot on Ellis Island their mission became apparent. Many of the flavors that they loved from back home were sorely lacking in this new land. From the outset Germack has been a passionate purveyor of quality products and flavors from around the world. After landing and launching their enterprise in New York, a desire to expand and diversify led to the booming industrial town of Detroit. Of all the amazing products we were able to source, the one that gained the most fame was, and continues to be, fresh roasted Pistachios (Red or Otherwise).

In 2010 We decided we were ready for a new challenge in the realm of roasting. Work began on the small batch coffee roastery, cafe, and trading company in a newly renovated building in the heart of Detroit's famous Eastern Market. Thanks to our expertise in sourcing quality products from around the world, Coffee Roasting was a natural fit. Whether it be pistachios from California, coffee from Guatemala, or cinnamon from Sri Lanka, our Eastern market shop represents farmers from around the world while sitting in the midst of one of the country's longest running farmers markets.The seeds for a new and exciting chapter have been planted. Come down to the market or visit one of the many grocers we partner with in metro Detroit and grow with us!

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Coffee 1
Sunday Drive Decaf (C8)
12 oz.
Coffee 2
Costa Rica Aquilera Brothers Family Farm
12 oz.
Coffee 3
Papua New Guinea AVAIL thru Aug. (C8)
12 oz.
Coffee 4
Colombia Cauca Highlands
12 oz.
2517 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207
Cafe Hours:
Monday - Wednesday: 7:30AM-4:30PM
Thursday - Friday: 7:30AM-5PM
Saturday: 7AM-5PM
Nut Store:
Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM-4:30PM
2140 Wilkins Detroit, MI 48207