Our roastery is the hub of our coffee roasting line of business. This location is in the heart of Eastern Market, Detroit at 2517 Russell Street. Our lovingly restored building is one of Eastern Market's oldest standing warehouses. In its early years it was a fruit warehouse and sales facility. More recently is housed a spice shop. Now, it is the center of our roasting operations and espresso bar. Right next door is our company owned nut shop (our nut roastery is up the road a bit), and a company owned spice & tea shop. We are the only location in metro-Detroit where customers can watch coffee being roasted, cupped, packed & delivered! It is exciting stuff, and the aroma of the coffees, teas and spices is delicious!


Frank Germack deploys his professional expertise in the financial and commodity markets by researching and sourcing high-quality beans from reputable importers. We only work with importers who are on-the-ground around the world, inspecting and sampling coffees directly from the source farms. Contact Frank at


Steven’s passion for coffee, and commitment to learning about coffee and pursuit of roasting excellence has made him what he is today – one fine coffee roaster! Steven is also one fine musician! Our customers love to find him in the café, crafting a signature espresso drink, and talking about the local scene and his latest batch. Contact Steven at


Steven is a highly-trained coffee professional with a well-developed palate, who leads our talented team of baristas. Steven oversees quality control in the cupping of fresh roasted beans, development of specialty coffees, and conducts all staff training on espresso drinks.


Our sales team is comprised of Steven Puwalski and Lori Davis. Lori has a long history with Germack as our top nut sales representative, and is responsible for bringing coffee into local and regional grocery stores that also offer our existing nut & snack products. Steven is responsible for additional sales to local groceries, cafes and and restaurants. Need coffee? Call either of these staff members at 313-566-0062.


Maria is our inventory, quality control and packing facilities manager. It is her role to manage roasted bean (and other store) inventory and packaging supplies, and to process orders. Her commitment to excellence and accuracy in fulfilling orders is an extremely valuable contribution to our team. Contact Maria at 313-566-0062.


Any questions about your order, including invoicing, payment, and delivery should be directed to our longest standing team member, Edyta. She also spends a great deal of time managing our holiday gift department, designing and executing nut and coffee gifts with great skill and ease. She is truly a multi-talented, team member! Contact Edyta at 313-566-0062, or