A bit about our new blend
January 15, 2014

Moka Java Blend

Our first new blend for 2014; a riff on a coffee classic. The Comforting full bodied smoothness of an organic Balinese coffee swirled with the subtle fruit and floral complexity of Ethiopian beans. We’ve Roasted to the earliest phases of a Full City roast to develop those comforting bold notes and body while the delicate Ethiopian acidity remains intact.

Buuuuut! Why is it called “Mocha” if it’s not Chocolate?

Yemen’s great Port Of Mokha was an international hub for commerce, and in particular the coffee trade between the 15th and 17th centuries. Many sailors coming from Asian trading routes discovered the distinct coffee of the island of Java(Indonesia) and after a little bit of experimentation they found that they could create a unique coffee by blending the two variations of the same plant.

We wanted to connect with this past, putting ourselves in the shoes of these early coffee pioneers by blending the distinct flavors of two coffees to make something unique. It is in the spirit of modern coffee itself: an international collaboration.

Look forward to the Moka Java blend this weekend exclusively in our Eastern Market Cafe.

Also forth coming, a blog about how climate and processing conspire to create these unique variations in the coffee plant.


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